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Panama’s Talent Shortage Challenge

According to a report by Michael Page in Panama, the talent shortage reaches 68%. This implies that six out of ten employers face difficulties when looking for the talent they need. One of the reasons for filling vacancies is undoubtedly the salary issue.

María Gabriela Fábrega, Manager of Michael Page Panama and Central America, points out that the country is experiencing continuous growth and development. In this context, the lack of talent is attributed to various factors such as education and training, migration of talented professionals and competition among companies to attract the best.

Fábrega stresses that salary compensation has been a recurring topic of debate, as employees seek remuneration that is in line with their responsibilities and performance. In this sense, it is undeniable that offering a competitive salary is essential to attract talent in a market marked by scarcity.

The study reveals the following shortfall by job category:

  • Technology 41%
  • Logistics and engineering 26%.
  • Sales 38%.

These are some of the actions most valued by professionals:

  • Openness in terms of workload and flexibility 62%
  • Ensuring a manageable workload on an individual level 50.1%
  • Recognizing the effort and contributions of the entire team 45.5%.

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