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Expats rate Panama

The Expat insider survey has published their results for the 2020 version that allos expats around the world to evaluate several aspects of the country where they reside, due to work or investment.

For 2021, the results for Panama indicate that it is on the 19th place of the worldwide ranking. According to the survey, 17% of expats in the country have decided not to return to their country of origin in the short run, 23% are concerned with their financial perspectives in the long run, 27% are unsatisfied with the transportation infrastructure and 60% is satisfied with the public transportation.

In regards to the quality of life, Panama is in the 26th position overall and in terms of the ease to settle in the country, it’s in position 14. It also included questions about the covid-19 pandecim handling, to which 52% of expats say they are satisfied with the official communication received from the topic.

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