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GIBRALTAR BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXCHANGE (GBX) is a platform for sales of high level tokens worldwide, which currently began its launch to the participation of members of the public through the direct incorporation for customers.

Nick Cowan, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of GBX indicates that cryptocurrencies and token markets are evolving satisfactorily: IOC (Initial Offers of Currencies) indicates that only in 2018 about 13,700 million were collected from all parts of the world.

The access to the GBX platform goes through standard KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. At the moment it is possible to invest in USD (physical currency in the blockchain market) in the following tokens: BTC (Bitcoins), ETH (Ethereum) and RKT (Rock Token).

DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE is part of the GBX platform, which manages 6 tokens among which we can mention BTC, ETH, BCH ETC, LTC and RKT, tokens that can be used to pay for merchants, fees to sponsors, business rates, negotiations, and redefinition of the issuer and are compatible with ERC-20 (Token belonging to the decentralized platform of smart contracts).

With the release to the public, the new GBX platform aims to become a leader in cryptocurrencies and tokens, and to be very useful for commercial users this also with the making of significant additions for progressing and offering the most comprehensive commercial options possible.

GBX lists 15 sponsoring companies distributed throughout the world, responsible for introducing sales projects with pre-evaluated tokens, which guarantees that only quality tokens are accepted to enter this platform.

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