Human Resources Services

Square Tree Corp. proposes its professional assistance in the following areas:


A. Recruitment and Selection 

We offer a selective process of personnel as per the company requirements and specifications on the selection to be processed. Announcements are made on dedicated websites, the best candidates are chosen according to the profile being recruited, a preliminary interview is made by Square Tree Corp., a test to assess is assigned depending on the position desired, and then we refer the candidate to the client, to whom we offer our assistance for the second interview.

We aim to find the best candidates meeting the skills and competences requested by the client.

B. Training

We provide to our customer references from companies that are dedicated to train employees in the specific positions requested.

C. Preparation of temporary and permanent contracts

We offer the preparation of temporary or permanent contracts, according to the requirements of the client and as per the provisions of the Labor Code of Panama.

Each contract will be sealed before the authorities of the Ministry of Labor and then forwarded to the clients.

D. Registering of the company before the Social Security Department

We offer our assistance for registering your company before the Social Security Department.

E. Preparation of spreadsheets

We offer the preparation of payroll, either on biweekly on monthly bases, depending on the terms of the wages set by the company of the client, including overtime and surcharges as provided by the Labor Code.

We offer to deal with the monthly submission of the payroll to the SIPE system of the Social Security Department.

F. Vacations and Liquidations

We offer to prepare the vacation calculations of the employee upon request of the client.

We offer to calculate the final settlement of the employees, either for dismissal or voluntary resignation, as per the dispositions of the Labor Code.

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