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Traditionally, business income was realized with money or state currencies controlled by the government. In 2008 the creation of the virtual currency occurs in the midst of an economic crisis worldwide.

The Cryptocurrency is operated through a platform called Blockchain, which maintains the history of its users who are anonymous, but their transactions and portfolios are public.

To obtain an account an application is to be downloaded; in this case Blockchain is the platform recognized as leader in the world for digital assets, where you can create a wallet account with a private key that is associated with a public account to perform operations.

These Currencies work through an operational system considered the most efficient in reliability because their coins cannot be falsified, this being a guarantee for the user to carry out transactions directly.

In the Panamanian market the use of virtual currencies begins to enter with a good level of acceptance, there are even bitcoin exchange sites. Having the dollar as a legal currency, there is confidence and security in the market.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has raised the need to regulate the use of currency to avoid prejudice to the banking institutions.

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